Novel is brand based on the idea of creating art pieces that people can wear.

Pocket Art

Our first line is pocket art and Exhibits 50 species of butterfly, each uniquely captures the essence and beauty of the wings. These are created according to the principles of a lost art in Chinese culture.

Taking a high quality silk; to which a skilled master embroiderer then hand sews the intricate details of the butterfly motif in a method known as double-sided embroidery. Each butterfly captures every detail of its living counterpart, incorporating the natural beauty of the wingspan. Upon completion of the sewing, artists expertly apply paint in order to replicate the delicate nature of this living creature.

Obi Bow

Novel acquired never worn antique kimono fabric that had been hand weaved and painted over one hundred years ago going as far back as 1818. The trader of such rare fabrics maintained these pristine materials over the course of several generations. Each fabric swatch is unique meaning there is only a single meter of each piece in existence.

Kimono and Obi tying is a heritage artform very highly valued in Japanese culture. Novel has followed in the path of such learned masters and acquired knowledge of the traditional ways to tie the obi belt by the hands of kimono masters.

Novel has curated a story that breathes life into the ancient fabric. Each piece is pre-tied in traditional obi format for a contemporary use of a bow tie.

Capsule Collection : GORGET


Gorget is an old French word meaning amour that protects the heart and chest, a

 piece that protects and radiates confidence in women. We are inspired by the journey of entrepreneurship, daily conquers and challenges impelled me to redesign the phenomenon of Gorgets.

The Gorgets are hand beaded in India which houses the longest history of hand beading for its extreme detail. Each piece takes over 50hours to complete, each bead and detail has been woven into the very fabric of the Gorget.

Photographed by Adriana Lica. Modeled by Katre.

Pin Art

Spring Summer 2017

Photographed by Mattie Chan. Modeled by Adriana Lica. Styled by June Lau.

Autumn Winter 2016

Photographed by Kenny Li. Modeled by Emilano Blanco. Styled by Waqas Kashi Mahmood. Make up and hair by Ting.

Featured Story

Our Artisians 

Filmed and Produced by Hackett Lai & Andie Fong. Directed by Kashi Mahmood

Made to order

Each piece of Pocket Art takes up to five weeks to be crafted. Please allow time to avoid disappointment.


We ship worldwide.

Guaranteed quality

Each piece has been hand crafted by artists to the up most quality. We welcome repairs all year round.